Centenary Memorials

To mark, in a lasting way, the 100th Anniversary of our church the Parish is undertaking two complimentary projects- one physical, looking inward and one charitable, looking outward

Supporting a Poor Clare Mission in Kenya
sisters myanga
Myanga is one of the poorest and most populated areas in Kenya. Here the Sisters help handicapped and improvised children get an education, provide medical help for families to combat maleria, TB and HIV/Aids, supply healthy food and vitamin supplements to the sick, arrange accommodation for the destitute and much, much more.
The Parish has committed itself to providing at least £2000 in funds each year to assist the Poor Clare Sisters in their work. Profits from various fund raising activities will be sent directly to the Monastery in Myanga where 100% of the funds are distributed by them locally to ensure those that need the help get it direct


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St Patrick’s . . . . .a Pilgrim Church.
In the Centenary Window Pilgrims of today commemorate those of the past and think of those yet to come.
A permanent feature to embellish the church, as a one-off record by the present generation of Catholics in Wellington, in the form of a 2 panel stained glass window.The design features Our Lady of Walsingham in one panel with Blessed Robert Johnson (Shropshire’s English Martyr) in the other.